Thursday, 8 September 2016

Download Assassin's Creed Pirates APK for Android

Download Assassin's Creed Pirates v2.6.0 APK for AndroidDownload Assassin's Creed Pirates APK   

Name               :Assassin's Creed Pirates
Developer        : Ubisoft Entertainment

Category          : Action
     Assassin's Creed Pirates is a true action game worth downloading. The adventure is full of thrill and fear. With "The Chromatic" boat, the adventure has been further intensified. Download Assassin's Creed Pirates apk file now to install this game and become a member of the most talked sea pirates, the Caribbean Pirates!

Caribbean Sea is all yours. Wander here and there with your boat and compete with the enemy. Use the powerful weapons to defend yourself and become a true legend. Get respect among the pirates by proving your braveness.

Build and strength your force of pirates. You can have the access to those legendary boats that were rocking in the "Golden Age of Piracy". As you are the captain of your pirate crew, so train them well by learning more than 50 piracy techniques. Become a better captain, lead your crew and keep winning the combats.

Sail through the entire Caribbean and explore it deeply. Find islands, temples and other treasures. You will come across fish too - both the smaller ones and the large, deadly sharks! With high quality 3D graphics and amazing sound effects, you are going to enjoy a great adventure by downloading Assassin's Creed Pirates apk file.

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