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Solo 2 (Guitar Solo Lite) APK Free Download

 Solo 2 (Guitar Solo Lite) APK

Name: Solo 2 (Guitar Solo Lite)                        

Category: Entertainment                                   

Version: 2.4.2 (2420)
Updated: 13/Jul/2016

  You are downloading the entertainment app which is very popular app in the world and this app is also very entertaining app for children's for playing Guitar. Guitar Solo Lite, is a all-in-one guitar app for smartphones running on Android Platform.  Download Solo 2 (Guitar Solo Lite) APK file for free now to enjoy this amazing entertainment app on your Android tablet or the phone.

Solo 2 (Guitar Solo Lite) Features

A brief list of Guitar Solo Lite's features is given below:
  1. One of the best virtual guitar apps available on Android platform
  2. Supports a smart watch as companion
  3. Solo 2 can be played in standalone mode too
  4. The user interface has been updated
  5. Fret Mode with several (optional) chord buttons
  6. Better features for long chord progression
  7. Solo 2 contains Solo FullGuitar Solo Lite and Solo Air in a single place
  8. Multiple guitar modes like classic, electric and acoustic
  9. Predefined chord diagrams in chord library to help you in playing Solo 2
  10. Custom chords can be created
  11. Record your play easily to listen later or to share with friends
  12. UI is customizable



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